Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Blog via wifi

this is being composed on an Axim and emailed in.

main issue with the axim is text entry and small screen but hey it's nerdy !

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Back to school

Got the schoolbooks for our eldest fella today. He's going into first class and they cost €102 ! Imagine the bills when his brothers start ! Let your email find you with BlackBerry from Vodafone

Dull evening

It's a dull evening - late July and it's overcast. Loads of dandelions in the garden..

Blogging by email

I've got this blogging by email business up and running now. It's a handy addition. Means that I can put up entries whilst on the move - imagine seeing soemthing stupid and publicising it to the wide world (or at least that tiny subset that reads this) within seconds.

Hello World !

This is the first post in my revived blog. Lord only knows what will end up in here (just like every other nascent blog in the world).