Sunday, July 25, 2010

A tale of two stores - how customer service can vary.

Having recently purchased an iPad I decided to see if my existing mobile broadband (payg) SIMs on Vodafone could be changed to microsims.

The Vodafone forum on had a few postings from Vodafone representatives which confirmed that SIMs could be swapped without problem.

So off I went to Vodafone's Mahon Point shop this morning . I went in and asked could I swap my SIM. The three lads there looked at me as if I'd 14 heads. They said no. I said that it was stated on Boards that this wasn't the case. One of them hit a few keys on their computer and came back with "microsims are on contract only". That was that. No attempt to discuss the issue.

I decided I'd wander into town and called into Vodafone on Patrick St (the former Cudmore's). I told my story. Had a chat about the iPad. The initial reaction was "I don't think so" but was followed up by "I'll check". Plenty of checking was done , the iPad plans were explained and Customer Care was contacted and the deed was done.

At no stage did I feel like I was imposing on them. I got the overall feeling that the staff wanted to find out the exact situation in order to be able to provide customer service. Whilst I was there a number of other people were dealt with efficiently and with good humour.

I also dropped into O2 to change a SIM and it was done immediately.

The lesson for me is that in one store they were willing to do that bit extra to resolve (or at least confirm) the situation whereas in Mahon Point they couldn't be bothered.