Sunday, December 31, 2006

High Winds in Cork Airport

High Winds in Cork Airport
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High Winds in Cork Airport this afternoon. This British Midland

flight made it down (in a rocky fashion) but the Ryanair before it

had to abort and try again.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tesco drivers, Mahon Point and general muppets.

Ah yes the old chestnut of Mahon Point traffic again ! I was waiting this afternoon to turn right into the retail park so having missed the lights I sat back and watched the muppetry that was sure to unfold. I wasn't disappointed. Across from me was the queue to turn right into Mahon Point Centre. This queue was held by a redlight and the folks there were waiting patiently. But then a muppet decided that joining the queue was for fools so he started his own one - in the Straight-ahead lane. He was shortly followed by another duo of a**holes thus nicely blocking one of the lanes. When the lights changed they nipped across without any shame. A few minutes later another car decided that the straight lane was actually for turning right and turned in as well. Worst of all was when a Tesco Artic barrelled down the straight-lane and forced his way in on top of the right-turning cars - so much for professional drivers but then again every little helps when you're delivering stock to the worst stocked Tesco in Ireland.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

Bonjour for Windows or How to use wireless printing in a mixed OS X and XP environment.

At home I have an Intel iMac , a Dell PC and an IBM laptop. Up to recently the printer has been connected to the iMac. During the recent Apple sale I bought a second Airport Express to use as a wireless print server. I set it up and the Mac dealt with it happily. The instructions to setup the XP devices were extensive and involved creating ports and adding IP addreses and generally not working. So I then discovered an Apple download called Bonjour for Windows - this installs quickly without a restart and within a few clicks will detect and install your remote wireless printer being shared through OS X. It works a treat and I was printing in less than a minute. I don't know why Apple don't suggest this in their instructions rather than the long drawn-out rigamarole they expect people go through...

The "Three Sisters" in Cork

The "Three Sisters" in Cork
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

SIMI says enough is enough !

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry has a note on its webpage saying: "We’ve tried reasoning, cajoling and pleading, all only to implement the law and protect legitimate businesses from the Black Economy. We are being ignored and our businesses are suffering. We’re all compliant and we get no appreciation or thanks, while the black economy is thriving and the VRT system on used imports is out of control. We are pleased that the Minister for Transport, Martin Cullen TD has said that he will ban roadside car sales and is checking out the legal options. This would be great but we would still have a problem with the black economy selling from their homes and the lack of control on used imports....... " Hmm. Is that so. Have a look at the Revenue site and look at the defaulters list for Sepember 2006 - check how many Car-related enterprises are listed. Quite a few. Wasn't that long ago when the Competition Authority were checking them out

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Free Fon routers for subscribers of

Fon, the social router movement, are offering free WiFI routers to subscribers of - this is an ideal offer if you sub to boards and would like to try out the idea. Click here for more details Source - Antoin's Blog (Antoin is the chief fonero in Ireland)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Berlin U-Bahn

Berlin U-Bahn
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Maybe if the Luas was this bright....


Bernauer Strasse and the Amplemann !


Berlin Wall View

Berlin Wall View
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The Shannon - a happy hunting ground.


View of Alexanderplatz

View of Alexanderplatz
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Bode Museum Berlin

Bode Museum Berlin
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Hauptbahnhof Berlin from the Reichstag


Thursday, November 30, 2006


On the train to Dublin at the moment and a woman who has been loudly talking on her phone all the way has suddenly shut up.

Why ?

Because she wants to go to portlaoise and this train doesn't stop there though she says that it should. The checker told he she would have to pay for the portion up to Dublin and back down because she boarded the train and was told to change at Thurles.

She claims she shouldn't have to pay because its not her fault the train doesn't stop and she's doing her bit for the environment.

So there. She has decided to not pay and to argue her case in her cultured tones in Heuston.

The upside for üs is that she has shutup and we no longer have to listen to her work calls.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Voip providers in Ireland

Up to a few days ago I used smart076 for my voip. I had a Linksys ATA into which I had plugged a second dect phone and it was grand and cheap. I then bought a Siemens C450ip which is a dect basestation which can connect to the PSTN and a VOIP provider. This meant that one handset could do both types of calls. I noticed however that it showed up a lot of "SIP registration failed" messages which I had initially put down to hardware problems - maybe a dodgy ethernet port or a dodgy phone or whatever. I took the opportunity to visit the smart076 forum and see if there were any issues and the silence there was deadly - many queries but no answers. I looked at my calls list and November was blank even though we had been making calls. So for me it was bye bye Smart. Obviously they are going down the tubes. So I moved to Blueface - new 076 number but then no-one calls us on that. More polished web interface and similar rates. Hopefully this provider will last longer !

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tech Ed IT Forum 2006

Tech Ed IT Forum 2006
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Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas
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Market off Las Ramblas

Blogger Beta

I've moved to Blogger Beta and it seems that one advantage is that the posting from flickr is working again - woohoo. I'll throw up some pics from Barcelona.

Advertising in IT

Advertising in IT
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This was in TechED last week.

eReg: Register of Electors Online Enquiries

This Register of Electors seems to be a farce alright. My details have been incorrect for years and during the summer I filled in the form and returned it to the Corpo. Judge my surprise when I couldn't find myself on the register. I rang the Corpo who confirmed that I was still spelt incorrectly and they promised to chnage it. Still no change a few weeks later.

Interestingly my refuse charges bill has my name spelt ok.

eReg: Register of Electors Online Enquiries

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Carols by Candlelight with the Irish Sopranos.

Carols by Candlelight

Our local national school Ballintemple NS is holding a fundraiser on December 14th in the SMA Church on the Blackrock Road featuring the Irish Sopranos. Seating by 7.30pm sharp. Tickets are euro30 and if you want one or two or three contact me !

It is all in a good cause so please consider going or even sponsoring the event eg donating candles

Click here for info about the Irish Sopranos

Friday, November 17, 2006

My new GPS unit: Acer's e310 touchscreen GPS and audio player

My new GPS unit bought in MediaMarkt in the Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre Barcelona - lovely unti so now my Navman ICN510 will be up for sale !

Airport security

Airport security is a strange beast.

My pants setoff the àlarm in Barcelona but not in Heathrow. My boots went through Cork, Heathrow and Barcelona but not Berlin. My GPS was scanned twice in London but not Barcelona.

Waiting for flight to Cork and its a dreary Heathrow !

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Flickr Pics

Flickr and Blogger are playing up again so my Barcelona pics aren't being uploaded to this blog. Pics are available right here

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Newsflash from TechEd

Vista is going to be like .OS X Tiger and have fast-user switching , preview tabs and spotlight-type searching.

Its funny watching this being demoed as if its a whole new departure in IT !


Monday, November 13, 2006


In Gatwick North Terminal waiting for flight to Barcelona.

It is very quiet here much quieter than I've ever seen a London airport. Nice noodles upstairs with a view towards the runway.

Flight over was with Ryanair and we had a Jimi Hendrix look alike on board. Seats were cramped though. Jimi won the onboard raffle for a free flight (no tins of USA biscuits though)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stasi spy chief Markus Wolf dies

Interesting timing - there is currently a debate going on in Germany regarding the Stasi files. It seems that the law covering how the files were used and vetting expires this month and some parties want the files to be sealed. BBC NEWS | Europe | Stasi spy chief Markus Wolf dies

Monday, November 06, 2006

Into the West.

We came back from Berlin on Saturday morning and the journey was a bit of a mixed bag. Schonefeld Airport is cramped - it makes Cork look big. The station doesn't have baggage trollies until you get to the exit. Seating is in very short supply. However the security staff were polite and efficient. The flight home was fine - surprisingly its cheaper to buy a fry on the plane (Aer Lingus) than in dear old Cork Airport. After arriving in Cork we were told that the buggy wouldn't be given out at the bottom of the steps (as was usually the case) but would come out on the baggage belt. So off we went and after a while our bag came out but no sign of the buggy. Hmm. we wondered where it was and so did another family waiting for theirs. After a while a fellow passenger came over and suggested we look at Belt 4 as she had some other luggage come out there. Lo and behold the buggy was there. However Cork airport in their wisdom put up very few signs about this and the ones they have are headed "OVERSIZE" and mention buggies in smaller print down the list. Maybe I'm odd but I'd consider oversized to mean such items as pianos, printing presses, roofboxes, tailors dummy but not a bloody buggy. Leaving the arrivals (after that great 180 degree turn) we found that there was still only 1 pay machine working. It seems that Cork Airport still hadn't fixed the machine that was out-of-order on Tuesday morning. We were in the long term and I noticed that the shuttle bus goes from outside the multi-storey carpark - no harm in making the punters walk eh ? I won't go on about the reinforcement bars (rebars) hammered into the ground just beyond the kerb in the carpark - the guy beside me had inadvertently backed into them... By the way Berlin was excellent !

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Reichstag

Quick. Note for anyone thinking of visiting the dome - being a baby in their buggy with you. The queues weer massive so we decided not to join then but an employee noticed us and asked is did we want to visit as there was a fast track for families with small children.

So off we went and 5 minutes later we were up top. See Flickr for some pics. Its an excellent panoramic view.

Coming down we joined the queue for the lift and another employee came along and told üs to go to the top as we were a family with small kids.

All in all a nice change to get some priority !

Berlin view

Berlin view
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Potsdamer Platz snow

Potsdamer Platz snow
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Let the train take the strain

Let the train take the strain
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S Bahnhof Westkreuz

S Bahnhof Westkreuz
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Five go to Berlin

Well we had an early start this morning for our flight to Berlin. Comfortable Aer Lingus flight where the fry was much cheaper than the similar one on land in the airport.

A sure sign of the intended market were the Polish announcements.

Schönefeld is a smallish airport and we had to walk in the open air to the terminal building but the Dublin flight got to use an airbridge. Strangely they didn't give is the night immediately but left it out at the same time as the baggage.

Another 400m walk in the open air brought is to the station where to be honest sign posting was poor and easily missed - I was asked for directions by one couple.

Ride into Alex was quick - Ostkreuz looked like very little was done to it in the past 50 years. Also the station announcements were out of sync. Anyway we made it and then changed to U2 after a long walk. A few minutes later and we were at the hotel - Dorint Novotel Mitte - where we were able to check in early for a deserved rest.

Palast der Republik

Palast der Republik
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View from hotel Berlin

View from hotel Berlin
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Out of use TALGO Berlin

Out of use TALGO Berlin
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Arrival in Berlin

Arrival in Berlin
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Monday, October 30, 2006

Liquid & Gels restrictions

Now the UK and Yankee ban on liquids and gels in hand baggage has been extended to the rest of us....

Are these rules designed to increase sales in airport shops or what ? On my last trip to I carried everything as hand-baggage (on the outward journey)in order to make transfers easier in Paris but now it might mean having to shop on arrival for shaving gel, toothpaste, deodorant etc...

The only winners in this are the airside shops - no more bringing on drinks for the kids now you'll have to pay top-dollar for them airside. No more buying a nice bottle of wine and bringing it with you...

Cork Airport - Airport Security

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Limerick's solution to parking on the grass.

Why can't Cork City Council do this ?

"Limerick City Council’s Parks Department wishes to advise that the parking of vehicles on green areas is forbidden at all times. (Yellow) Signs to this effect have been erected in the vicinity of Thomond Park and it is the policy of the department to photograph any vehicles so parked with a view to recovering the costs of any remedial work required to repair damage to green areas, and, to issue fixed penalty notices for parking offences."

Munster Rugby / News Articles

Bretagne in Cork - very pristine looking !


Bretagne on a rare visit to Cork

Bretagne on a rare visit to Cork
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Bretagne in Cork

Bretagne in Cork
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Web Two Point Oh!

Announcing the launch of my new company. The name has come from a fusion of the best in current and future practice whilst having a nod towards the past and those Victorian values as elucidated by Mr Sloan.

I give you :


suppliers of tag-based movies via Ajax (By Royal Appointment, Lever Brothers)

Web Two Point Oh!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bad news for families on Ryanair

Buried at the bottom of this press release is a note that families will no longer be pre-boarded on Ryanair flights unless they have paid extra. Really good "service enhancement" Michael (ya langer). If they get Aer Lingus we'll all be reduced to travelling cattle class. We're heading to Berlin next week with Aer Lingus and it's nice to know that our seats are pre-allocated . Scrooge says no to family-friendly policy

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wine, vin, wein, vino, gargle.

I went to the Bubble Brothers wine event in the Clarion tonight. Ok so I admit that I had scored a free ticket (unusual for me) but who knows I might have gone along anyway.

There were nearly 100 wines available for tasting. You got your own glass on entry (I saw some naughty people taking them home) and the tastings were around a 1/3 of a glass full - not like the thimblefuls you get in Dunnes(or so I am told).

The quality was great - I sampled some wines that I wouldn't usually do - here are some of my notes:

Meyer "Tokay Pinot Gris" was nice and light but I felt their Gewurztraminer had too much hint of lychee for my liking. The wines from Domaine Rimbert were presented ny the man himself and were good value and tasty. I tried a Cascatel Fitou which had a strong nose of port - it was a tad heavy for me. Spain was ably represented by "Bodegas Pingon" and he progressed me through his three wines - the Roble (4 months in casks) was very nice and no tannins, the Crianza had 18 months in casks and was nice whilst the Reserva got a very good from me.

I usually prefer French wines but I took the opportunity to taste the Australians - Mont Langi had a few bottles. I liked their Cliff Edge Shiraz which comes from a few vineyards with youngish vines - quite tasty; their Blue Label Shiraz comes from one vineyard with older grapes and around 800 cases produced this was nice too and quite filling. Little Yerings pinot noir was also a cracker (I quite like Pinot Noir anyway).

I finished with sweeter/dessert wines. The Mas Amiel Maury was sweet and red whilst the Mas Amiel 6 yr old Maury had port overtones and a light colour - both would make nice after dinner wines (or indeed cold evening drinks). Also took the opportunity to have my first taste of Marsala- lovely.

I also met Donal - this was the first time I've met a Cork blogger and it was nice to meet him. He was accompanied by the lovely Celine (I told you I'd be nice) who does a magnificent impression of the voiceover from Arthur's Mailbag (do a google if you've no idea).

Needless to say Julian from the Bubble Brothers was there and I took the opportunity to thank him for the ticket. Have to admit that the BB are not stuffy wine merchants but have a good solid sense of life.

All in all a nice evening and Lord knows if you wanted to you could drink your way into the arms of Bacchus...

Fw: Bubble Brothers Gewurztraminer

Fw: Bubble Brothers Gewurztraminer
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Bubble Brothers Big Wine Event

The Bubble Brothers wine event is on at the Clarion tonight. Looking forward to heading in and hope to pick up a nice bottle of Gewurztraminer (after innumerable tastings obviously). Bubble Brothers - Cork wine merchants: Bubble Brothers Big Wine Event

Monday, October 23, 2006

Is the Data Protection Commissioner a useless weakling ?

Damien Mulley got his response to his complaints against spammers Thinkhouse - he was basically told to feck off because the nice people at Thinkhouse had made an honest error and they had held a meeting and had reminded themselves of the need to not get caught , I mean not do it again. Our wussy Data Protection commissioner said right , no probs. Just like when I complained about Tesco - so the professionals are allowed to not adhere to the law and when caught can just apologise. Damien Mulley � Blog Archive � DPC ruling on Mulley V Thinkhouse PR Strange they said the same when I complained about Tesco

ODCA privides guidelines for consumers who wish to change phone service providers.

This cracks me up. The ODCA refuse to deal with individual issues (cf the BT billing debacles) and refer people to Comreg who refuse to deal with people (where possible). Another toothless organisation who claim to be helping the consumer but in fact are only offering a withered figleaf of protection against the rapacious telcos. ODCA Top Ten Page

ODCA prosecutes Dunnes

This is a strange one - I had mean similar compaints about Tesco but the ODCA said that there was nothing wrong with them selling unweighted bags of apples which meant that the price per kilo was unavailable. I wonder was it because the ODCA doesn't have the gonads to take on the really big boys ? ODCA Top Ten Page

Damien Mulley V Thinkhouse PR

Over on is an article regarding Damien's complaint about an Irish PR company who he claims spammed him despite being asked not to. What's interesting in his letter to the Data Protection crew is the phrase: "I wish for the Data Protection Commissioner to investigate this and carry out a prosecution if needs be. I am willing to travel to Dublin, I am willing to make a written statement and I am willing to testify in Court if the need arises." What annoys me is that in order for a complaint to be made we the consumer have to include that phrase - I had to do the same when I complained about Smart pestering me by phone. This means that Joe Consumer has to go through hoops in order to stand up for their rights. Joe Consumer shouldn't have to make such a weighty declaration in order to stand up for themselves. Mr Big Spammer can hide behind his corporate shields (and go bankrupt and restart if necessary) but the consumer has to have a worry that the whole thing could go wrong and he'll be exposed to legal costs or whatever. Yet another example of our pathetic Data Protection laws being stacked against the consumer. Have a read of Damien's article anyway Damien Mulley � Blog Archive � Open Letter to Thinkhouse PR - As promised

Sunday, October 22, 2006

FON - the largest wifi community (la fonera)

I set up my 5euro (atucally 17.40 including TNT shipping) FON router jobby this evening. The good points are that itis a nice small discreet unit. It runs a bit warm but not as hot as previous linksys units I had. It is sort of straight-forward to setup but I have issues connecting to the "private" ssid - this is the one that is available to only me (or people I give the WEP/WPA/WPA2 key to [you can setup your choice of encryption]). This seems to be a known bug and hopefully a firmware upgrade may turn up. Its a good idea - to be able to share out a self-chosen portion of bandwidth to other people and to be able to access the web for free from other locations. I look forward to seeing how it works out - I added myself tothe rather sparse Cork map anyway. FON The Irish Rep

As long as its someone elses tree who ca

Park on our grass why dont ya..

Park on our grass why dont ya..
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Friday, October 20, 2006

Amsterdam 2 Cork

On the plane home now. Interesting to hear a Dutch announcement with a pure Irish accent.

The method of doing the security check at the gate certainly is different and they were scrutinising passports without a doubt.

After landing from Luxembourg we seemed to be taxiing for ten minutes or so - maybe they should have out the airport closer to the runway.

Flight seems to be quite full which is good news for all those Aer Lingus shareholders ....

Schipol airport

Schipol airport
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Road to victory

Road to victory
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Interesting statistic in Luxemburger Wort - local brewery Bofferding brews 200,000 hectolitres of beer each year whilst Bitburger brews 8,000,000 ! Of course I think that in Luxembourg Battin beer is nicer and this bar is 1euro cheaper per 0,3 glass ... And gives me free nuts.

The Wort is a strange paper - most articles are in German but some are in French and the death notices are in Letzenburgisch !

Hotel de Ville

Hotel de Ville
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Lux building site

Lux building site
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Battin beer

Battin beer
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Its quiet in Trier. Unless you are one of the Polizei catching people cycling in the pedestrian zone !

Town is nice, has some nice monuments around the main square. Bit grotty around the station but that's normal.

Currently sitting across from the Dom waiting for a beer. I resisted the lure of the golden arches. It wasn't hard.


Got an earlier flight from Paris (by the skin of my teeth) so arrived here few hours earlier than planned. Missed the city bus as I didn't realise that the stop had moved and there weren't a whole lot of signs advertising the fact.

Hope to go to Trier later on and make it 4 countries since 11.00

Off to Paris

Just boarded my flight to Paris. Rather appropriately its reg is EI-DES !

The full Irish in Cork airport is now 9.75 and no longer includes coffee :(

Its misty up here but you could see the airport fire service practising putting out a fire across the field.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The genesis of the Ipod

An article that describes the roots of the ipod which shortly celebrates its 5th anniversary. Wired News: Straight Dope on the IPod's Birth

Do Taxis follow any rules ?

On Saturday night I was outside Le Chateau for around 45 mins. During this time 5 different taxis broke the lights coming from Academy Street (and 1 along Patrick St.). Straight through the red light and green man without a care in the world. Did I miss the part about the Rules of the Road not applying to them ?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

AIB - Press Releases

Years ago I had an AIB creditcard which has since been closed. Back in August I got a letter from them telling me that they had falsely debited interest from me and I was due a refund. The refund was 7cents and they wanted a bank account number in which they could pay it. Being an awkward so-and-so I wrote back (using their freepost envelope) and asked them for a cheque. I forgot about it all until I read the article linked below and was amazed that they weren't going to take any disciplinary action. I rang them (freephone) to remind them that they owed me money and got a bit of a runaround. I eventually got some Customer Care bod and explained that I knew they were probably busy doing refunds (after all 60 million is a lot of money to have to give back) but they had promised the money before august. Today I got the cheque. It probably cost 20 times its value to print and mail it but what the heck. A petty victory in the little guys battle against the bank ! AIB - Press Releases

The Jazz Cruise - Brittany Ferries

Once again Brittany Ferries are holding a "jazz cruise" around Cork harbour on the Pont Aven. This year it's on the 21st October (the weekend before the Jazz). Last years trip was enjoyable (couple of bands on board) and gave an opportunity to stockup on wine ! Brittany Ferries can be contacted at 021 4277801 (it's not on their website). Wake on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Bubble Brothers WIne Event

Strangely enough for me I managed to read this article early enough to actually get a ticket. It looks like an interesting night and an ideal chance to prove that not all the wine I buy is in a box or from "Red Cash" ;) Bubble Brothers - Cork wine merchants: Blogtastic

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Garda cars

Saw a focus hatchback screaming along Dame St a few minutes ago. As soon as it hit College Green off went the lights and siren and back it was as an unmarked car.

I imagine that it wasn't just in a hurry back to base...

Cork Airport

Heading up to Dublin today and I have just gone through security in the new terminal for the first time.

My initial thoughts were that surely they could have the escalators working - its not a great sign when you have to climb up to the second floor !

The terminal itself is fine - Eircom must be top busy disconnecting Smart to connect their own payphones. The place is glossy and clean but a bit soulless .

Pity that there is no public viewing area like the old terminal - this used make the airport very homely and the new bit of a view through the food court is not the same.

Security only had one body scanner working which seemed silly seeing as they had two x-rays on. Still who knows the deeper workings of the Cork Airport Authority.

Seating seems to be a nutg sparse .

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apple and their followers

I use a Mac Mini at home and have an Ipod and the very useful Airport Express (airfoil is a must have additional piece of software) but yet I can't read articles such as this engadget one without wondering why does Apple seem to have such a fanboy following who even believe that having a box that is white _inside_ is copying something that "His Jobsness" first discovered. Zune unboxed on camera - Engadget

Flickr & Moo Cards

I received my free Moo Mini-Cards this morning. They are small - a bit wider than a stick of chewing gum but the quality is excellent and they do look nice (probably the excellent choice of photos..) I see from their site that the free offer is over but they are worth a look at. MOO | Share your contact info and your flickr photos

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mahon Point and Ignorant drivers and - of course - Tesco.

For my sins we went to Mahon Point this afternoon. Drove up from the South Ring and went into the correct lane as usual. Needlezss to say this being a busy Sunday a number of people decided that they would not be bothered joining the queue but instead would try and force their way in. This being Ireland there were enough morons around to willingly allow these ignorami in front of them.

So Mr. Liam Power Electrical van driver - thanks for skipping the queue. So Mr. 06 C Silver Skoda Octavia driven by a grey haired geezer thanks for skipping the queue and indeed holding up traffic as well. And a quick hello to the LS regged corolla hatchback.

On the way out we nipped into Tesco to get milk. It being Sunday this dreariest hole of a Tesco didn't have any Tesco milk and indeed sweet all of other brands. The shelves were generally barren and reminiscent of shops in Communist countries. Why can this supposedly successful company not succeed in having fully stocked shelves ? Why are managers never around (in comparison to Dunnes) ?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Importance of Proof Reading

I received an invitation in the post today to an official opening of the new offices of a Cork based company. Part of the description: "wines and canopies served from 5.45pm". And no, the company wasn't Thomas Sanderson......