Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dunnes Supplier to Customer - it's tough ? Well that's tough.

I received a response yesterday to an email I had sent Dunnes about their Apple & Cinnamon sausages which turned out to be very tough and, as far as some members of the family were concerned , inedible. Their supplier - Arthur Mallon Foods - sent me the following : "As it is a natural product there may be some variation on the degrees of toughness of the casings. Some casings may appear slightly more chewy than others, however in our experience the variation in toughness is usually not that obvious, however you have now shown this to be untrue." This to me reads as follows - the sausage was outside our usual standards and quality. Goodbye. Thanks Dunnes and thanks Arthur Mallon Foods for such fine outstanding customer service. Oh, just one more thing - the complaint was made on 28 October 2008.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yet the large English multiples get away scot-free..

Been to Tesco recently ? I'm sure you've seen plenty of items that didn't have any price.. Been to PC World recently ? I'm sure you've seen a few items with prices. Complained to the NCA about this recently ? I'm sure that you received this reply about how they like to work to persuade retailers etc etc. Are you however a small shop ? If so then you're a wide open target for the NCA as their most recent press release shows.