Thursday, April 13, 2006

BT Ireland - are they fraudsters ?

I ported to BT Ireland last month from UTV. The process itself was slow and marred by fairly incompetent service from BT - my forms got lost, were found, got lost etc etc and I had to contact them to receive updates. As I was an existing Broadband customer I was availaing of ther offer whereby the connection fee was not applied. Lo-and-behold the bill arrived along with a connection fee charge. After multiple calls I got them to write that I'd get a refund but this won't be applied until the next bill (if at all) so BT get free use of my money. Of course so far my problem is minor - BTIreland Sucks and Telcowatch have worse tales of billing issues. I think a nice dose of small claims would show this crowd...

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  1. Des - not sure if you saw the reports in the press re the appalling service provided by many of the Broadband providers - - as you'd expect BT appear high up on the list. I have just ended a few months of woeful service provided by UTV Internet but haven't managed to move yet - by the sounds of it they are all the same!!