Thursday, January 25, 2007

Health and safety me arse...

I was driving up the Well Road last night and as we all know it's not the widest or straightest. Anyway CLG Builders were digging a trench across it.

Yet another trench you might cry ! Why the Well Road has had more trenches dug per square foot than the Western Front !

Leaving that aside the fact was that at 7pm on a dark winters night a trench was being dug across the Well Road. CLG had put up a few signs and had employed a flagman. Unfortunately the flagman's stop/go sign was so small that it looked like it had come from a childs "My first roadworks set". And it wasn't reflective. So to compensate yer man used a white light to signal you to stop of go. From what I saw a white light waved wildy meant stop. The signal to go consisted of the same white light waved wildly. Needless to say a white light was not extremely visible against a background of headlights.

What I don't understand is why they couldn't have a simple handlamp like on the railways that shows red or white or amber or green ? Of course we also have to ask why guys standing in the middle of a road in the dark aren't better trained...

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