Friday, February 02, 2007

Well here I an in Poland

Well here I an in Poland
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  1. Hi Des,

    Thats nice! Its quite interesting enter Poland after Berlin. I decided to explore all villages that are nearby in this route. I took the same NEB during my wayback.

    Did you like Kosztyn .. I found Poland more interesting than Germany?

  2. I found Kosztryn to be strange - just like what the East was after the wall came down. The town itself seemed depressed.

    The big market was interesting - I bought some decent wurst and cigarettes but there were a lot of things on offer.

    The trip from Berlin showed that even parts of (East) Germany are still not up to Western standards in terms of roads etc.

    On a future trip I'd like to see what Slubice (across from Frankuft/Oder) is like.