Saturday, December 15, 2007

Well down Invisible Shield !

When I bought my new iPod Nano a few months ago I realised it needed a
shield over the screen so I decided to go for an Invisible Shield
( because it looked good (a thin film that goes onto
your screen) and they shipped to Ireland free of charge. I knew that I
would eventually take the plunge and buy an Ipod Touch so I ordered a
screen shield for that as well.

Anyways I got my Touch (what a cracker of a device with excellent
design) this week and when I went to apply the shield I discovered that
they had sent me one for the iPhone which meant that there was an
earpiece cutout. I emailed Invisible Shield and got a reply back that
they had popped the correct shield in the post and would I please send
back the other one and they'd refund the postage. Oh, and by the way,
here's a voucher for 25% off your next order.

So here's a big thumbs up for the folk that supply Invisible Shields. A
good product and good customer service !

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