Saturday, February 02, 2008

Don't diss your hosting company or they'll cut you off.

Interesting thread on Boards about a guy who had his hosting with Letshost cancelled due to what they considered to be a defamatory comment. Strangely (or increasingly less strange) rather than deal with the poster their first action was to seek legal advice on the matter. Imagine if BT or O2 or any of the other folk who regularly get criticised reacted in this fashion - there would be thousands of disconnections ! Go on over and read it - it's a sorry tale about how a company got their whatchamacallems in a twist and totally overacted. They don't quite realise that even _if_ you are in the right you can end up looking foolish...


  1. Go on ya divil, put up a post titled "blogger is shit". I know you want to!

  2. I'm very happy with Blogger ( ever since I got them to unamrk my bog as spam ). Honestly.

  3. Funnily enough, there are blatantly anti-Google blogs on Blogger, and then of course there's

    The point is, proper companies deal with criticism properly.