Friday, May 09, 2008

A tale of 45 slabs.

At the beginning of April I ordered 45 slabs (in stock) from B&Q. They were to be delivered and I had already spayed RoundUp on the lawn ready for them to be laid. I was busy and after a fortnight I decided to ring B&Q and ask about the slabs. I rang daily for 4 days and each day so-and-so was to ring me back with info. Finally on day 22 (a Friday) I went in and cancelled my order. No probs and no questions. No attempt to make amends or retain my custom. Imagine my surprise when I got a call the following Monday telling me that they were going to deliver my slabs. They didn't seem to understand when I said that I had cancelled. So fast forward to yesterday (friday) and I got a call from so-and-so in B&Q telling me that they were ready to deliver my slabs. Despite he being the guy who was supposed to ring me weeks ago he mumbled something after I told him that the order was cancelled a few weeks ago and that he was supposed to ring me and then ended the call... What's worse is that the crowd I ordered from last week still haven't delivered even though they said it would be Monday at the latest..

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