Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey Iarnrod Eireann - why do we have to queue ?

I was coming back from Dublin last evening and when we got to Heuston I noticed that the queue for the Galway train was almost out to the door. I noticed also that Cork has its own permanent "Queue here" signs. Why do they make us queue ? You don't queue in France, or Germany ... You don't queue in Mallow or Thurles or Kildare .. So why do we have to queue in Dublin and Cork ? Can they not just let people on the platform ? They'll spread out along its length and the tickets can be checked on the train (just like they were last night - 5 minutes after leaving). Well ? Why ? Why also does Heuston have the most intimidating private security presence ? Guys with tattoos and stab vest walking around spoiling for a fight without any ID badges...

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