Monday, December 15, 2008

Review: The BoardWalk - Cork

I was at a function recently in the BoardWalk in Cork. It's your typical glitzy gaff with dark wood and beautiful people. The toilets look like Darth Vader's bathroom i.e. all the ceramic ware is black. No paper towels. Service was excellent and very patient. The food was fine but not outstanding and a number of people commented on the fact that the steak was only available in "Medium", the spud was quite like Smash and the carrot puree was too pureee'd (I liked it). I had a New York cheesecake for dessert and it was still fairly cold and a few people's dessert was still frozen (and wasn't ice cream). They have cool steak knives - large and business like and not the usual wimpy knives that other places give you. It was interesting to see that Niall Prendergast walked up and down a good few times but studiously ignored the customers. It wouldn't have been out of place for him to come over and make a bit of small-talk seeing as he's part-owner. Would I go back there again ? No. Not my style.

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