Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Mills of Cork Corporation grind slowly.

On December 7 2009 I posted a picture showing litter outside the Boardwalk restaurant in town.

On December 10 I emailed the Environment Section of Cork City Council complaining about the litter - after all the Council tells us that they take littering seriously.

However a reply didn't seem to be forthcoming so on January 7 I resent the email to Environment but also copied in the Corporate Affairs section as they are the guardians of the Customer Charter.

No response from them either.

Judge my surprise when I received an email from the Council on January 20 - a good six weeks after my initial contact. In it I was told that they examined the area on January 4 and it was found to be clean. I did wonder if they would have taken action sooner if it was a small shop owned by a nobody rather than a restaurant fronted by Cork's Loudest & Most-Opinionated mouth ?

So folks, let it be known - the City Council's Rapid Reaction Force is out there and keeping an eye on our city.

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