Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sam's Cookies parks in disabled spot.



  1. You know thats not a disabled spot dont you?! You have no proof and your making a very serious accusation.
    From my common knowlege I know disabled parking spots are naturally 150% the size of a normal parking spot, however that Beetle clearly fits snug into that parking space.Any person with half a brain would know that its a perfectly legal spot.
    Maybe you should be more productive with your time instead of WRONGLY accusing 100% Irish companies. They provide jobs for people and revenue for the government. What do you do apart from make an ass out of yourself?

  2. I agree with the above why would you make up such a silly accusation?! Are you proud of what you do in your life?!
    I bet your mother is delighted...maybe we should blame idiots like you for the downfall of the country and not the bankers.

  3. Hi Sam, Did you buy a lot that day in Ikea ?

  4. LOL Gotta laugh at the two Anonymous comments above.

    Just want to make a few points.
    1) How can one say for sure whether the car above is parked in a disabled spot or not? The way the photo was taken it cannot be determined.

    2)The fact that it cannot be determined from the photo, I will take the photographers word for it, that the car was in fact parked in a disabled spot. As it was he who was there and not the "Anonymous" posters.Unless these posters would like to claim different.

    3)Why should we believe the Photographer? Well
    unlike the commenters above I don't believe that Des is out to destroy the Irish economy from inside, by suggesting that Irish owned companies park illegally.

    In hindsight I am now very concerned that potential Multinational investment might be scuppered if the CEO's of these major companies discover the shocking truth of our driving habits. Please Des in the national interest quickly take down this terrible image and replace it with an image that your mother and your Country will be proud of, preferably a picture of you pissed with a pint of Guinness in hand.