Thursday, August 17, 2006


We took the tgv to Rennes today. Its a place we usually visit.

It struck me today that its a city of two halves - the part south of République is a bit grotty and seedy and has an edge to it. The northern part has the nice buildings and old half-timbered houses.

Still it was here that we saw the police arrest a drink who had attacked someone else. They arrived quickly and screeched up in their Xsara with one hit jumping out before they had stopped. Yer man was Handcuffed and taken away.

Later on up near St Anne place we saw three cops go through a door that looked medieval and lord knows where the steps behind it led to.

Found a great shop near Virgin which sold DVDs for a tenner - excellent range too.

Forgot to mention that there was a quartet of police on the tgv as well casting their eyes over everyone.

Rennes is pretty and worth a visit and is a real city unlike the tourist spots that we are more used to.

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