Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What is it about camper vans ?

Or, more to the point, Italian vans ?

The place is crawling with them - yesterday we met a convoy of three followed a mile later by a convoy of ten ! Its not as if St Malo has a regular service to Italy. Met another three last night.

Weather is sunny today after our few cloudy windy days which coincided with the high tides (coefficient of 106) which meant low tides which brought out all the shellfish gatherers.

I notice that flickr is still dicky and not all my pictures are making it to this Blog so head over for the latest pics http://www.flickr.com/photos/despod

Today is the feast of the Assumption and a lot of people are off. It is also the anniversary of the liberation of the local area from the Germans and we will be heading down later for the fireworks which will be launched over water from an old fort in St Briac.

I see in the papers all the hasle with hand baggage on planes - it must be driving the low cost carriers insane seeing as they are trying to reduce hold baggage. The airport authorities must be mad as well losing their bottle sales! If it continues I can see it harming day trips by plane due to the searching etc.

At least with the ferry we are spared that .

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