Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Largest Number of Hits to date...

Yesterday's fire meant that I had 280 page impressions which was the highest figure yet ! I was linked from Damiens Site as well as Donncha's . When I woke up yesterday through the back window I could see smoke and hear sirens. After dropping the lads to school I heard on the radio that it was the R&H Hall silo on Kennedy Quay. Needless to say I decided to head home, pick up my new D50 and go down to have a look. There weren't a whole lot of people around so it was easy to walk down as far as Odlums on Kennedy Quay and watch the "Gerry O'Sullivan" prance around with its fire monitors. Then guys from the examiner turned up and were surprised when they were told that they couldn't cross the line. The boys from TV3 drove down and were told the same which left them a wee bit non-plussed. After taking a lot of shots (left the camera on rapid fire) I decided that I had better go to to work... I took a few shots tonight of the Norwegian Royal visit here in Cork. I tried at lunchtime as well but the lads were fast asleep in the car so I could hardly abandon them ! The King left tonight to go home (I expect) and the Queen is staying on reportedly to cruise around the coast of West Cork. Not great weather for it by any means. I've posted the pics to my flickr page and as usual some haven't made it to the blog. This is a regular flickr/blogger problem...


  1. I added a second photo to my post showing that Garda line. I didn't look for trouble by going past it but a zoom lens came in handy. In typical fashion, I posted the wide angle arty one I liked instead of showing the damage to the silo :)

    Got your blog in my bloglines feedreader so I'll be following your posts from now on!


  2. I liked that arty shot. When I was there the guard on duty was throwing fierce looks at me and seemed to be fairly cranky.

    Good to hear that I now have my first loyal reader - it'll be handy for your sleepless nights ;)

  3. I've had you in my rss reader since May. Theres another boost to your ego :)

  4. Crikey.. anymore and it'll be a movement ;)