Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Child Safety in Cars legislation.

New legislation came into force on 13th September regarding carseats for children. I didn't know this. Did you ? Its not surprising that such an important new measure was unpublicised. After all our Ministers were busy touting the Ryder Cup and declaiming that they would not have their private monetary affairs investigated ("whad I do with my confirmation money is my business..."). The upshot is that all children under age 11ish have to have a booster seat or cushion - many of my young fellas classmates travel without car seats so it will have an impact. The UK introduced similar legislation but it was well publicised. Surely flyers to schools would have been an ideal method of publicising the matter ? Here's a link


  1. We have four kids and I found out about this the day the law came into force. Idiots!

    And now they are back-pedalling furiously saying that there will not be enforcement for a while until the message gets out.

    So why the hell didn't they get the message out and then bring in the law? Ass about face as always.

    My wife also pointed out that if you have four in the back seat (which we don't) then legally only three of them need to be restrained at all. That law will not change until something like 2012.

    They really don't get it do they? If they spent a tiny bit of effort enforcing existing laws they wouldn't need new ones.

    For example, anyone who allows their kids to stand up in the gap between the two front seats of a car whilst driving should be arrested for child abuse.

  2. Yes its a bit all over the place really. I would have thought the existing laws were fine.

    The new law also says that if you have three in the back and only enough room for 2 seats then the third one can use the ordinary belts...

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  4. Biggest cause of death on the roads is down to the shitty roads themselves. We get 2' of motorway in the south and they slap a toll on it. Its not like its the super duper alternitive road to Cork, its the "main" road, the main roads are the ones we pay taxes for.

    Ah well, this is from a government who's idea of increasing road safety is by adding a few more penalty point offences to road traffic laws.

    I've no problems with penalty points, we need them, but I can't stand smug politicians claiming that penalty points directly and indepentently save lives, as if by magic!

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