Thursday, November 23, 2006

Voip providers in Ireland

Up to a few days ago I used smart076 for my voip. I had a Linksys ATA into which I had plugged a second dect phone and it was grand and cheap. I then bought a Siemens C450ip which is a dect basestation which can connect to the PSTN and a VOIP provider. This meant that one handset could do both types of calls. I noticed however that it showed up a lot of "SIP registration failed" messages which I had initially put down to hardware problems - maybe a dodgy ethernet port or a dodgy phone or whatever. I took the opportunity to visit the smart076 forum and see if there were any issues and the silence there was deadly - many queries but no answers. I looked at my calls list and November was blank even though we had been making calls. So for me it was bye bye Smart. Obviously they are going down the tubes. So I moved to Blueface - new 076 number but then no-one calls us on that. More polished web interface and similar rates. Hopefully this provider will last longer !


  1. Have you seen Tom's postings on Blueface?

  2. When I read the link it all came flooding back. Including my comment about not having issues with Smart :(

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