Sunday, January 27, 2008

In memoriam or selective guilt.

Today is Holocaust Memorial day in Germany. Offfical buildings have flags at half mast (most folk don't know why) and there are ceremonies around the place as well. Berlin also has its Jewish Museum and the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe and other smaller remembrances as well. I wonder though is it time for other countries to follow suit - putin could designate a day to commemorate the 50 million (or more) that Communism killed; - France and Belgium could remember the deaths in their colonies; - needless to say QEII could mark the deaths of so many people in former UK colonies; - the US could think about Vietnam; - the Israelies could pay respect to the innocent Palestinians they have killed in refugee camps and other attacks; - maybe we could look at the killings on our own island And maybe we would realise that every country is culpable of evil but only some get called to account. Let your email find you with BlackBerry® from Vodafone

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