Saturday, October 18, 2008

Welcome to the Cloud.

Here at home the main computer is my iMac - it holds our music, videos and photos. It's backed up to an external drive and also to amazon'S s3 servers using Jungledisk. This also holds all my email. As a gadget freak I also use netbooks and it's often a pain having to go to the iMac to check on historical mail etc. So today I moved to the Cloud. I signed up to Google Apps and it's now taking care of the email for my domain. It was a straightforward process with a slight hiccup when I discovered that I couldn't change my DNS settings on Digiweb. I resolved it by signing up to Dyndns for my DNS services and pointing the website to a specific Digiweb address and the MX records to Google Apps. A little bit of CNAME tweaking and the same address as previously used for webmail was redirected. Benefits for me ? One less backup. Greater search capabilities and access from anywhere using a decent interface. I've been trying out Evernote and OneNote for notetaking etc and I think I'll plop for evernote as it has better text recognition in images and the ability to access through a browser.

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