Saturday, October 18, 2008

Welcome to the Cloud.

Here at home the main computer is my iMac - it holds our music, videos and photos. It's backed up to an external drive and also to amazon'S s3 servers using Jungledisk. This also holds all my email. As a gadget freak I also use netbooks and it's often a pain having to go to the iMac to check on historical mail etc. So today I moved to the Cloud. I signed up to Google Apps and it's now taking care of the email for my domain. It was a straightforward process with a slight hiccup when I discovered that I couldn't change my DNS settings on Digiweb. I resolved it by signing up to Dyndns for my DNS services and pointing the website to a specific Digiweb address and the MX records to Google Apps. A little bit of CNAME tweaking and the same address as previously used for webmail was redirected. Benefits for me ? One less backup. Greater search capabilities and access from anywhere using a decent interface. I've been trying out Evernote and OneNote for notetaking etc and I think I'll plop for evernote as it has better text recognition in images and the ability to access through a browser.

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  1. Jesse's solo concert in Manila was clearly a once-in-a-lifetime event.

    On September 30, Jessie held her first show in the Philippines, which was called 'Zoom in Manila'. During the performance, the singer went through her entire discography, not forgetting about the track "Zoom", which was broadcast online in the spring of this year.

    Having amazed thousands of fans with her stage charm, at the end of the show, Jessie shed tears, being touched by the fact that the residents of the city had been waiting for so long for the artist to come with a concert and perform live.

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