Monday, January 26, 2009

What a totally stupid & moronic suggestion.

Good to see that the Consumer Association (that great publisher) is looking out for people - not.
Their Chairman is advising folks to use LayAway to help in these difficult times.
For those unclear - this means that each week you go to Land of Leather or Adams and give them a few bob. When you've enough bobs handed over you can buy that new couch or the Communion clothes. 
Our wonderful consumer champions seem to have missed the obvious flaw - when you turn up to Land of Leather or Adams you'll find that they are gone and as an unsecured creditor so is your money. Needless to say the CAI suggest you clarify matters eg ask the retailer "are you going to go bust in a few weeks ?". We all know what answer you'll get.
Sheesh.  What a shower.

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