Friday, January 16, 2009

Why does Waterstones close early on Friday ?

The title says it all really.
Into town this evening to raid M&S "Dine for 2" (the largish chicken easily does the family) and wandered up to Waterstones for a browse and a book. 
It was 17:55 and in I wandered to be told that they were closing. 
Closing at 18:00 on a Friday ? I couldn't believe it - Zavvi were open (complete with death-rattle), Argos were open (complete with new catalogue), HMV were open, CPW & Meteor were open as were Easons and a host of others. 
Do people not buy books on Friday nights anymore ?


  1. It's in the lease agreement for the premises. The woman who owns the place has a hatred for books on Friday nights ever since her husband was crushed to death by a falling Times Atlas on a Friday night in 1978. What really upset her though was the fact that after the atlas delivered its deadly blow, it fell open on a page showing part of Greater Manchester. She hated Man U.

  2. Ok, that makes sense. Them Times Atlas' are fairly heavy alright.

    Thanks for the explanation - it proves that there is always someone out there who knows the real reason........t'internet surely is a wondrous thing.

  3. Tis... sure an accident like that would never happen these days cos of the internet. Google Earth would never fall on your head right?... right!? *looks skyward*