Thursday, January 19, 2006


earlier this week I got my hands on a lovely K750i to replace my e770v. The K750i is a lovely phone with a nice 2mp camera. It's one I've wanted for a while but its expense was hard to justify. Anyways I have one now and have just completed the unlocking process (I debranded it last night). I used for the unlocking/flashing software and for the cable and credits. It was a slightly hairy process but I got there in the end. So watch this space for higher quality pics ..


  1. Interesting links... I think my K750i is about to get tweaked...

  2. Go for it Jim ! (especially if it's a Vodafone)

  3. Actually, it was an Orange one... but...

    The K750i and W800i are the same hardware in different casing find out some useful stuff working in a phone shop)... so... I downloaded the W800 flashing files, and they work perfectly on the K750...


  4. I was tempted to do that but decided to keep k750i software in its own body.


  5. Doesn't make much difference aside from the enhanced Walkman software which is only really useful if you have a huuuuge memory stick and a lot of tunes to file.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a huge memory stick. Yet...