Friday, January 20, 2006

Tesco and the supply of personal information - part 2.

Back on the 11 October 2005 I requested a copy of my pesonal details from Tesco. The data is supposed to be supplied within 40 days but it wasn't and I had to make a complaint to the Office of the Data Protection Commssioner who dawdled a bit and eventually after prodding responded that they would send my request to Tesco.

Today 20 January 2006 I received the requested information - 100 days after making my initial request. Obviously all Tesco's advertising about "every little helps" and "we're listening" means diddly squat. More to the point it means that our data protection laws are regularly flouted by large companies and once again the consumer is shafted...

Of course the fact that I'm down as a "time poor/food rich" "low weekly spend" shopper doesn't endear me to them ;-)


  1. How did you go about asking Tesco for this information? Did you have to ring or email someone or did it require a letter in dead-tree format?


  2. I emailed and waited - the Data Protection Office have a page which gives sample text