Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Transfer to UTV from BT

I'm currently transferring from UTV to BT and the whole thing is taking a bit longer than expected. BT lost one of my forms, found it and then lost it again. All without telling me. UTV threatened to block the transfer until I returned the modem. They forgot to note that it was returned two weeks previously and they ignored the fact that that was a new term and condition which was not active when I signed up - yet another of UTVs scams which involve changing terms and then charging people.

Finally I decided to email BTs complaints section and got a quick enough response. Unfortunately despite being a "valued customer" they got my name wrong. In fact they gave me a second name. So now I don't know if the response was actually for me or someone else...

> Dear John & Catherine, > > Thank you for your contact and for bringing your concerns to our > attention. Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of BT > for any inconvenience that may have been caused. I appreciate your > feedback. > > I can now confirm that this issue has been investigated and addressed > through the relevant departments. Although this does not change your > personal experience we would hope that this issue would not arise again. > > We understand that your order has taken quite some time up to now to > be processed, therefore we have escalated the issue through to our > sales department as a priority. We are now confident that you will > receive your live dates for both Line Rental & Broadband within the > next 7 days. > > Again, please accept my sincere apologies for this matter. You are a > valued BT customer and I hope that we can continue to work together in > the future. > > Please contact our sales department on 1800 923 923 for updates on > your orders. > > Yours sincerely, > > Linda > > Linda Loughran | Residential Complaints Officer | BT | Grand Canal > Plaza | Upper Grand Canal Street | Dublin 4 | Ireland | Tel +353 > 1-432-7125 | Free phone 1904 | E-mail - > lindaloughran.loughran@bt.com www.btireland.ie >


  1. I'm transfering from Wanadoo/Freeserve to BT in 10 days time and keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe I'll uncross them it might be easier to install and work things out. Good Luck with your transfer!

  2. Cancel it, cancel it. BT are appalling. You're billing will get screwed up, they will overcharge you, take money from your account without having sent any invoice, and when you try and complain, they'll ignore you for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks, and you'll end up trying to get ComReg to intervene, and finally you'll relent, defeated, and pay them whatever they want to end the madness, and say those four words you never thought you'd hear yourself say - thank God for Eircom. Or maybe it's just me...