Thursday, June 15, 2006

Don't move to BT Ireland for broadband and line rental.

I applied to move to BT Ireland for broadband & line rental on Feb 1. Late March I got setup after they supposedly lost the forms twice. But they forgot to transfer my phone rental even though they have me on their copy of the NDD. So I'm paying UTV full whack for phone and BT full whack for broadband rather than the bundled price I was supposed to get. Towards the end of last month I received an email from Adrian Heaney in BT who assured me that everything was now in order , that the rental and line was with BT and that they weren't going to make any gestures of apology (eg discounts). He also rang me to confirm that I received the email. Judge my surprise when I got an email from UTV advising me that this month I was again on their billing list and not on BT's ! So emails have been dispatched - once again - to that vacuum that is BT Ireland Complaints. Holding responses have been received... So the upshot is I would like to strongly dissuade anyone from going to BT Ireland. Their customer service sucks, their complaints department sucks, their billing system sucks in fact BT Sucks As an aside - in this particular case I have found UTV to be helpful !