Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dublin Bus - couldn't give a damn

Arrived in Dublin airport and wanted to get the 747 to town. Queue for all two ticket machines was very long. Then Dublin Bus customer service muppet(i.e. the guy wearing a high visibility jacket labelled "Dublin Bus - Customer Service) tells us that one machine "must be down" but that it has nothing to do with him - after all he must work for a different Dublin Bus ...

So one machine to serve all intending passengers. Of course you can buy an inflated price single on the bus assuming you have exact change.

I voted with my feet and got the Aircoach instead .


  1. one day when this govt sells all the assets of the country to the big Multinationals you moaning whinging people will really have something to moan about

  2. You mean moan that the ticket machine doesn't work or that the employees don't care ?

    Dublin Bus has a curates egg bunch of staff - some are excellent and some just don't give a damn. Unfortunately you'd think they'd try and put the good ones out on show at the airport.