Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Beware of the Hilton !

I'm staying in the Hilton Metropole in London at the moment and they have a nice scam whereby if you move a bottle in the minibar you will get charged for it.

I happened to see the sign hidden in the minibar and went I checked it out I had been charged for drinks I didn't have (at Hilton prices I'm unlikely to use it) so I had to sign a note that I didn't drink them.

The annoying part is that I have already paid for my room so would have probably just used the express checkout and not known anything until the card bill arrived.

So not only do they have expensive beer to which they add a service chbarge of 10 percent but they scam you on the minibar as well !


  1. Thats the way in a lot of hotels... it detects when you pick up the bottle and thats when you pay. Everyone learns this the hard way unfortunately!

  2. What annoyed me is that we stayed in a Dorint in Berlin and used the minibar as a fridge (and replaced bottles) without any grief or hassle or threatening signs that using a fridge is forbidden. That minibar also had a stock list which the Hilton didn't have so right away in the Hilton you couldn't check if the bar was full.