Saturday, April 14, 2007

How not to advertise an event.

I was in the barbers yesterday and whilst waiting I picked up a two-week old copy of the Cork Independent (I had finished the Sun and the other rags at that stage). In the paper I saw that there was going to be a Titanic Commemoration ceremony today in Cobh with a band, choir, wreath-laying, free afternoon in the Heritage Centre etc.

So off home I went (after my bazzer) and told herself. So off she went and did some googling and after that we checked the Internet. We couldn't find anything on the Heritage Centre site. We couldn't find anything on the Cobh Chamber of Commerce site. We couldn't find anything on the Cork/Kerry Tourism site and nothing on the Bord Failte site. The only reference was a one-liner on the Sirius Arts Centre site as they were holding a concert tonight.

We went out and the crowd was small. There wasn't anything in the window of the tourist office or the heritage centre to let people know that there were things going on.

After the ceremonies I buttonholed the head of Cobh Tourism and told him of my woes and the inability to find anything out and he said that he would do his best to advertise the Lusitania commemoration (in three weeks) in a better fashion.

It's a pity because the ceremonies were moving. There was a cafe orchestra playing in the Heritage Centre and admission was free. Our visit to the heritage centre showed us that there was a new "hotel" section dealing with the liners in their latter years and it's well worth a visit.

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