Sunday, May 13, 2007

BBC v scientology

BBC in the shape of Panorama are having a spat with the scientolologists at the moment and it would appear that they are rustling up their considerable powers to hit back at Panorama. BBC report which talks about how the reporter and his family were follwed and intimidated is here Interesting youtube video showing interview with a top scientolologist here "I'm angry, real angry" just because scientolology was called a cult...


  1. I saw the over hyped Panorama that started all this controversy. And ermmm... is it just me or did anyone else detect a destinct lack of content? It was a load of waffle about how those bad boy Scientologists were filming poor little John Sweeney. Didums. What a yawn. Didn't Panarama used to make documentaries?

  2. BBC Panorama's John Sweeney said he looked like an exploding tomato in the Youtube video ("BBC Reporter Losing It). I must admit, I totally agree.

    I also have to give it to Rich and Mark for the incredible Banorama spoof. Absolutely ROTFLMAO!

    The Church of Scientology preempted BBC's strike on Scientology by not accepting BBC's bias, but instead creating a documentary exposing it. They also created a Freedom Magazine to expose the story, including the above Youtube video. See for the full story and to watch or request a free copy of the documentary.

  3. if they'd nothing to hide, why were they so paranoic- following him around, trying to discredit everyone he spoke to?
    If they'd put as much energy into being open, I might have seen their point.
    But now they ARE a cult in my mind.

  4. Oh come on - couldnt you see through that -"following him around". they showed shots of some fat bloke inside and outside their hotel - shock horror he ate in the same restaurant as you in your hotel!!! like in all hotels, oh my god he was in the parking lot, big deal - and then they claim he was enquiring about them at reception - probably just "who are those weird english people" BBC just invent stuff to get their ratings up.

    And Scientology not being open?? lets see, they have about 10 websites, they allow every day to be an open day in everyone of their churches, they send out magazines, they give out leaflets, they have hundreds of thousands of written words published in books and audio lectures - please stop trying to push the same old boring lies. -

    and got it buddy that they are a cult in your mind. I am sure your next door neighbour is the FBI and your aunt mary an alien in your mind too.

    they are a religion legally.

    I recommend anyone watches the documentary. I am glad someone has the balls to stand up to the BBC. - Alex

  5. I wasn't bothered enough to watch it. BUT the fact they are EVERYWHERE on the net, even this blog, suggests it is v scary.