Saturday, May 12, 2007

We should withdraw from the Eurovision !

Flaming Nora - no votes from the UK. Votes only from Malta. No votes from the Baltics even though we provide their migrants with jobs. What the heck Estonia gave 12 points to Russia even though they are fighting with them.

To me it seems like the Serbian mafia have rustled up support for their folks. We voted for France as it was such a piss-take and I also thought Lithuania was good but the Moldovan singer had a nice costume....

The voting is a good way of seeing what country has what economic migrants or political ties..

God Bless Terry Wogan "at least the UK didn't come last, that was left for Ireland..."


  1. Fucking Dervish! For once the begrudgers were right! There is no way that Serbian dyke should have won. Serioulsy, it was shite. The best song was the Belarus entry.

    Quite a good selection of music this year, and Ireland comes last, what does that say for Irish music? Fucking nothing since a stupid dyke song won. I can't believe Latvia got shite marks, it was a decent tune.

    42 countries and they give us nothing bar 5 from Albania. Call me extreme but I think its time for some ethnic cleansing! Lets launch a few nukes at them Easties, come on lets "Push the Button!"

    Serbia though!? That song was awful! Boooooooooooo!

  2. Gosh you do feel strongly about it, don't you ! ;)

  3. I think Dervish was the Irish (in every possible way!) answer to Lordi, it just didn't work...

    Terry Wogan is right, we need to build a wall, or else Ireland, England, France, Spain Switzeralnd, Sweeden, Germany and everyone else should just give up and let the friendly Eastern European states vote for their lovely neighbours...and where the heck is Albania (or who ever gave us those points?)