Thursday, May 17, 2007

A painless move of hosting provider - now with Digiweb

I have been with Schmolie/Advantagecom for nearly 8 years but the price has been increasing steadily but inertia set in and I kept on putting off the move. However last night they hit me with a late payment fee (I have been paying monthly for the last few months) and it gave me the impetus to move - first late payment in 8 years !

So this morning I signed up with Digiweb for a cheap package and had my account setup this afternoon. I uploaded my site to my digiweb account and changed my dns records - this turned out to be a very fast process and I was receiving mail on my new "server" within minutes.

Digiweb's control panel has some quirks but seems ok, I configured the Blackberry no probs to take mail fom digiweb and in fact its much easier as you get a proper mail server address and logon atehr than the bodging necessary with advantagecom.

Who knows next I might move the blog there...


  1. For their control panel do Digiweb use "hsphere"? (I like hsphere)

  2. Yep. They do. A big advance from Plesk which my pervious provider used.