Thursday, July 05, 2007 is crap !

Last year before we went to France we booked a family rail ticket. No problem. Got the tickets posted to us for nothing by SNCF( ).

So we're thinking of heading to Dublin by train. The oneline timetable doesn't give any options to book a family ticket. Grand. So a search (no actual link for ticket types) on the site shows the family fares _from_ Dublin. Grand. So we fill out the online enquiry form. Select Cork (Kent) as origin and scroll to find the destination. Scroll past C and onto D . Hello. No Dublin. Hmm... oh look there it is under H - Heuston. Not Heuston-dublin just Heuston. So in order to get a fare quote you have to know the exact name of the Station in Dublin. Must be so easy for foreigners....

Did they go out of their way to make the site awkward ? It's even worse on a Blackberry ... May I call them muppets ?


  1. i totall totally bombs out everytime i try and choose a seat..who did they pay to develop this - it is the worst website i have come by in a very long time

  2. Everything CIE do, from their technology to their toilets is pathetic.