Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sony Ireland - you stink bigtime !

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My camcorder (DCR-TRV19e) gave up the ghost the other night - when recording instead of the normal image of what was being recorded a distorted image was displayed. A google showed that this was due to a faulty CCD chip which Sony had eventually owned up to : Sony Announcement/

So I rang the relevant support number which turned out to be MF Services in Cork. Drop in the camera I was told. Oh and leave us 79euro as well please and thank you. I suggested that seeing as this was a recall I shouldn’t have to part with cash as well as the camera and was told that it was normal practice.

So I rang Sony UK. If you live in the UK (And US - if not other countries) and have a camera covered by that recall Sony will give you a Freepost address and there’s no question of having to pay a deposit and they'll ship it back free as well.

There we have it - the Irish consumer has to make their own arrangements to return the recalled product and pay a deposit to help keep the cash flow of the service agents. Another case of Rip-Off Ireland - I think so.

Nice work Sony. And MF Services in Doughcloyne.

edit: The deposit turned out to be 79.45 ! What a strange amount. Even stranger was that their posted notices said that the deposit was only 50euro for camcorders….

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