Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sony Sony Sony

I had a few calls with Sony Ireland today. One of the folk I was talking to earlier flat-out contradicted me when I said that my repair docket had down that the deposit was non-refundable. I had to email off s to prove it !

Found a SONY (US) Site which gave an excellent description of the CD fault and its symptoms including photos and I'm happy to say that my TRV19e is showing the exact same symptoms - they are clear and unmistakeable (to this layman). I also took the precaution yesterday of recording a few image-less snippets before the battery conked out.

The folk in Sony just don't seem to get my point that it's unfair that Irish people have to pay a deposit and return the camera at their own expense whilst in the US & UK (at least) it's a free service - if the fault is CCD related they'll fix it and if it's not they'll send it back. I don't want some repair crowd telling me that the fault isn't CCD related, fixing it (or pretending to fix it), taking my 79.45euro and asking for more. If it's not fixable for free I want it back unfixed...seems simple to me. After all new improved models are available for quite reasonable prices.


  1. Please tell us how you got on about this or contact me

    As Sony refuse to fix mines as it is not on their repair list. My cam shows exactly the same faults as you suggest affects the other cams which are on the list.

  2. Alistair,

    This fault was repaired under the terms of the recall program.

    You may wish to check the Sony US site in case it mentions additional models which are covered and then start to hassle Sony Ireland (useless) or Sony UK (they seemed to be better).