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How to get win friends and influence people - the boreenmanna Road way.

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08 September 2007

Developer accused of cynicism as Travellers move in
By Eoin English

A DEVELOPMENT company was accused of blatant intimidation last night for
allegedly allowing Travellers move on to a site at the centre of a
bitter planning dispute.

An extended family of Travellers was camped on the grounds of the former
Induchem Limited site on Cork's Boreenmanna Road last night.

Two caravans, a camper van and two English-registered vans parked just
inside the gates of the site. The site is the subject of a contentious
planning application by the Freeland Partnership.

The company applied to Cork City Council last December to demolish the
former Induchem buildings and construct a neighbourhood centre comprised
of a two-storey commercial block of retail and local service units and a
three- storey apartment block.

Residents objected on grounds of scale and density. Following a council
request for further information the project was given the green light
recently with conditions including a reduction in the size of the retail
units and the omission of a betting shop.

However, the council's decision was appealed earlier this week to the
planning appeals board, delaying the project further.

The Travellers moved on to the site on Thursday night and said they have
permission from the developer to be on the site as long as they wish.

They were seen using warehouses last night and it is understood they
have access to running water and toilets.

Gardaí in Blackrock were in contact with the developer, who is
understood to be abroad, and said he has confirmed to them that the
Travellers are on the site with his permission.

Gardaí have no grounds to move the Travellers on.

A spokesman for the Freeland Partnership could not be contacted late
last night.

Green Party Cllr Chris O'Leary said residents are furious and he accused
the company of using the Travelling community to stir up tensions in the

"The members of the Travelling community may have been coaxed into this
situation without knowing the background to it. They are pawns in the
middle of this," he said.

"This is a cynical ploy and blatant intimidation by the development

Planning enforcement officers will be asked to examine the situation on
Monday morning.

Bord Pleanála is due to rule on the planning application in January.

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