Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ipod Nano 3G

My new iPod Nano 3G arrived this morning (what is it about UPS and their
tracking - after days stuck on "Billing Info Received" it suddenly
popped to Cork - In Transit after 9am ?) and I'm very pleased with it.
It's the Product Red version and the colour is more of a metallic
burgundy than red.

The photos don't really do it justice - you have to feel the slimness to
appreciate it and the screen. Well the screen is sweet - I popped on
"The Wall Live in Berlin" (which was a rip for the Archos and then
converted for the ipod) and the quality is great - extremely clear and
very watchable. It might be worth considering the AV cable as it would
be a compact way of bringing videos on holiday/travel for quick
connection to a TV in a hotel room etc.With 22 hrs for music and 5 for
video the battery life promises to be excellent. It also comes with a
dock insert so it will fit snugly into my JBL OnStage.

Things that don't go so well include Coverflow which sorts by artist
rather than album (sorts by Album on iTunes) which means that it has
broken the Coverflow for compilation albums - this is mentioned a few
times in the Apple discussion forum so I expect that it will be resolved
in due course. Coverflow itself is a nice way of browsing music - I
spent a few hours at the weekend adding album art to my music library.
The back of the unit is polished steel - I think I prefer the all-over
colouring that the previous gen has. Unlike the Shuffle it doesn't have
autofill so seeing as I have more than 8GB of music I'll need to go off
and poke around using Smart Playlists.

Overall opinion ? It's a sweet device. It's easily pocketable and
discreet. It feels sturdy but is also oh-so-light.

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