Sunday, September 09, 2007

Litter - a crying shame.

I'm out at Garryvoe and the playground is covered in litter. Some old and some new. Its a disgrace and its compounded by the fact that the only litter receptacle is the base of a bin.

Is it too hard for folk to manage their rubbish ?

Is it too hard for the Council to supply and empty a bin ?
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  1. Yes it is very difficult for people to manage their rubbish. And, yes, it is extremely hard for the council to supply and empty a bin.

    Every few days I pick up litter in my area because Fingal County Council won't provide a bin, because they can't guarantee that they'll empty it.

    If you see litter thrown from a car then contact the litter wardens. The fine is at least 125 euro. I've gotten 80+ littering b'stards fined over the years. And I sleep fine at night.

  2. Hey Des that wasnt you on Get It Off Your Chest on RedFM last sunday was it? Guy came on the radio just after I read this post, complaining about litter around Cork. I thought it was an interesting co-incidence. Guy called himself Dean (I think) and had an English twang to his voice. Do you have a twangy voice? lol

  3. Harrumph.

    Nope that wan't me. I don't go under the name of Dean, no longer listen to RedFM (even though they have a slightly larger audience) and I sure don't have an English twang....

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