Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fair Dues to Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus gets a lot of slagging but they do come up with the goods as well.

Coming back from Amsterdam last night the Captain informed us before we left that the flight would be longer due to headwinds and that things were looking dodgy in Cork with respect to cross-winds. A later announcement informed us that things were still dodgy in Cork, that they were worse in Shannon and that if we had to divert it would be to Dublin but that they would see if they could safely attempt an approach.

So a while out from Cork we were told that an approach would be made but that if we heard loud engine noise it would be because we were aborting the approach and climbing. Passengers were told that this was normal and that there was no need to worry.

We made a bumpy approach to Cork and we were all relived to hear the landing gear drop. The approach continued and then we were pulled up and began a climb with the gear being retracted. After we levelled off another announcement saying that we would see if we could get another chance and once again a reminder about the engine noise.

We landed on this bumpy attempt.

These informational and soothing announcements were in stark contrast to the last time I was on a plane that aborted a landing. On that occasion the landing was aborted very very close to the runway end and the upwards climb was steep. It too was a bumpy ride and the second attempt was successful. All through it there was not a single announcement. Not a single comment. Not a single piece of info. The carrier - Ryanair !

One fly in last nights ointment - only one set of steps was brought to the plane to empty a full load (only 5 empty seats) so it was a longwait for the folks in the back.

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