Wednesday, March 26, 2008

With BT ? Check your bills - they may be overcharging.

If you're with BT for phone calls you should check your bills. I've noticed that they are charging 7c for calls with a Zero duration.

I've banged them an email to see what the story is. Being BT the response time will probably be somewhat long....

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  1. Check what bill? BT Ireland don;t send me bills, instead they put a JPG on their site beyond a user and pass. Plus even if they did overcharge what can I do. They take the money by direct debit. My BT Ireland bill makes no sense. The price charged does not match any pricing structure past or present on their website. It does not mention vat, there is no mention of a discount for not receiving a paper bill. Should I be overcharged it would be a nightmare to deal with.