Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rynair gets away with it but Aer Lingus is hauled through the coals.

Being a bit behind the times I only heard today that Rynair had pulled their Shannon - Dublin route. Strange really that I only heard it today. For months the media was full of the decision by EI to axe the Heathrow route with marches and protests and Dail questions. Indeed even Michileen O'Leary was ranting about how it was a disgrace yadda yadda yadda. So it was interesting then to see that Micky axed the Shannon - Dublin route but did it very very quietly. In a press release this is what was written:
"Ryanair...... today (13th Jan) announced its 31st new route from Shannon to Palma Mallorca on the day that Aer Lingus terminates its profitable Shannon Heathrow service.......
In response to Aer Lingus’ abandonment of Shannon.... the Shannon -Dublin route will cease from 3rd Feb." Of course the Limerick/Shannon sklaveens are deathly silent on this because they know that if they upset O'Leary he'll pull out totally but they had no problem in putting political pressure on Aer Lingus.

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