Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bye Bye Blueface.

I signed up to Blueface a couple of years ago as they were Irish and had excellent rates. I use a Siemens C450IP as my phone as this combines a traditional DECT and IP phone. It connects into my router and connects to the chosen SIP provider - in my case Blueface.
Or at least that is the theory. Despite setting up port-forwarding (and QoS) on my router the Siemens is regularly (multiple times per week) unable to connect and gets a "SIP registration fails" error. This requires a router reboot to clear and frankly it became a total pain. So much so that I haven't used it for a couple of months. I still used Blueface for SIP calls over wifi when I was away but ended up ringing home using a PSTN breakout from Blueface.
When I got my 5800 I downloaded Fring. Despite entering the correct info Fring could not connect to Blueface. Fring has a number of rpe-defined SIP operators and I remembered that I had an account setup with one of them - voipcheap. A few seconds after entering my voipcheap settings I made a call to my landline over wifi
Following this success I entered voipcheap's settings on my C450IP and it connected immediately. Two days later and it's still happily connected. I didn't make any changes to the router.
Seeing as voipcheap works like blueface should I've decided to switch over. Unfortunately voipcheap don't supply and inbound phone number but my blueface number was worthless anyway seeings as disconnections were so regular.


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  2. Hi Des,

    I have used Blueface for years now and have used it on my girlfriends iphone via Fring with no porblems at all worked straight away. You should give the guys in Blueafce a ring they have been nothing but helpful to me. Hope you get it all fixed.



  3. The call quality and the rates are more than OK. In addition to that they have a lot of features included in the call plans (online management area, call divert and transfer, pay online, voicemail to e-mail ...). Another good point is there forums : , there is always someone to answer quickly. Consequently their customer support is reactive and effective. I would definitely recommand them.