Saturday, March 21, 2009

Change of Phone

I've been using the N95 as my cameraphone for the last while (with a short breakout to a K850i) but whilst on my travels last week it started borking whilst taking video and some nice vids were lost.
So I decided to change the phone and went for a Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic. One of my constraints was that the phone should have WiFi and this really added to the cost. I'm also partial to Symbian phones so that narrowed the field.
The 5800 has WiFi , GPS, touch-screen, 3G and is a good music/video player and comes with an 8GB card. The camera is fine but not as good as the N95 (which really is a benchmark phone). The GPS is blisteringly fast (way faster than the N95).
Some of my favourite apps can work on the 5800 - Mobbler (Last FM), Opera Mini but others don't yet have support - Shozu. Rather annoyingly Nokia have removed the full SIP client so you need to use Fring to make VOIP calls. Further annoyance was caused because I couldn't connect to Blueface using Fring but had no problem with Voipcheap...
So Mr.Shozu please hurry up and release a version for the 5800, Nokia please replace the SIP client as I don't like having to use Fring.

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