Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What they say and what they do...

What they say:
What they do:
So. Paying extra will reduce the cost... hmmm.. that's like the logic the banks use..


  1. I'm not used to booking Ryanair flights, so I'm going on assumption here as it's not explicitly stated in the text. From reading the full context of the text it is my understanding however that €5 is half the price of the current desk based check in fee of €10, which is set to double in cost to make people more inclined to use the web based system. Thats what I got from it anyway.

  2. The issue is that previously online check-in was free if you were bagless but after May 1 online check-in will cost you whether or not your have a bag.

    It'a also going to be difficult for folk to locate printers on their return legs - a new industry will spout up in airports renting teh use of a terminal and printer !

  3. So you might as well bring a bag with you now? Or do they have a "bag charge", on top of the "checking in with bag" charge? Exactly how granular are they going to go with all these charges. Will it get to a stage where theres a "youve selected a selection" charge?

  4. Yep there will still be a bag charge (as far as I can see).

    Let them charge if they want but the web checkin carge should be added directly to the fare as it is unavaoidable.

  5. Did you hear that Ryanair are offering €1000 to anyone who comes up with the best idea for a new charge they add add to the price of the flight. it was on NewsTalk yesterday... I must google it now to see if it's real because I've got a million good ideas.. well 2 anyway.

  6. It's true alright so off you go and submit a few ideas - when you're done come back and let us know what you suggested ..