Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dear Mr Bowen Construction

I have been asked to remove this as the person involved has been disciplined. I'll remove the pic and identifying details. Dear Mr Bowen Construction ,

The next time that you are stopped at the Dunkettle Roundabout please dispose of your cigarette in the ashtray of your XXX rather than chucking it out the window.

Maybe we should have rung the "how's my driving number" and quoted your number XXX rather than just asking you to pick it up ?

1 comment:

  1. Des

    I am the driver of the van that you highlighted littering on the Dunkettle roundabout in April of this year.

    I would like to apologise for my actions that day which were rude and inconsiderate. This blog has been brought to the attention of my employers who have brought disciplinary actions against me because of it.

    I would appreciate you removing this blog item. You can contact me at if you wish.