Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blueface - are ye that desperate ?

I recently wrote a post about leaving Blueface after being a customer for a few years. It wasn't anything earth-shattering. Just a combination of issues which made me try an alternative provider and that provider worked immediately and without issue (still does, touch wood). I received a comment (since deleted by it's Author) from Ken telling me that his experience with Blueface was fine etc. This isn't surprising because the folk at Blueface do seem to be good and are helpful on their fora. What amazed me was that today I got the exact same (except for a typo) comment posted by "David" who prefers to remain anonymous. Amusingly when I went to compare the comments I then noticed that "Ken's" comment had been removed. A quick trawl through my mail showed that the two comments were identical which begs the question : - are Blueface shilling ? - or, do they have enthusiastic fanboys ?


  1. Blue Face are the best mofo company ever, they provide god damn hot VOIP... hotter than hell! I used their service only once and my ears melted... thats how god damn hot they are! You be hatin' only cos your pussy ears can't handle the flames... burn nigga! peace!

  2. "pussy ears can't handle the flames" - if only I had the equivalent of a brillo award to give out !