Friday, May 29, 2009

BT Ireland - incompetent overcharging muppets

I started the move from BT in March and by mid-April my voice and data had completed the move. My BT bill was paid up to 23 May 2009. Lo and behold I received another BT bill for rental up to 23 July. I rang BT and they had no idea in the world that I had moved. I informed them that I had logged a query in mid-April to confirm that all was cancelled and they said there wasn't sight nor sound of it. Luckily I had the reference to give to them to help refresh their memory. So the Customer Care guy (who was pleasant and efficient btw) said that they'd have to log a fault but - and here's the killer - he was going on his fortnights holidays and the fault report would go direct to him ! Meanwhile BT would of course have the money. At this stage I decided to log it as a complaint so was pass through to another efficient-sounding guy (who gave me his name and DDI) and a ticket it being raised. I had problems years ago when I moved to BT and am now having problems leaving them. The main theme of all these problems is that I'm out of pocket whilst BT by their monumental corporate incompetence seem to be in pocket. Seems the old BT thievery goes on and on....

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