Thursday, December 01, 2005

3G or not 3G

The cameraphone has been changed again ! The last time for a while unless Santa brings a mega-pixel jobby.

I'm now using a Motorola E770v which is a 3G Vodafone phone. It has the usual 3G stuff - 2 cameras etc etc. It's handy that it has Bluetooth and expandable memory - boys those transflash cards really are very small. Handily it can be charged from the USB port using a normal mini usb cable which ties in nicely with all the charging gizmos I have for the Blackberry. The best part of it was the price - ?99 incl. ?100 credit ! Its currently 149 but for a while last week it was displaying on Vodafone's site at 129 but when you went further it came in at 99 - a nice bargain. You can download free GAA content which is ideal now that the championship season is over ;-( and Sky news also offers a download. Obviously there is also paid content downloads but I'm not too interested in that.

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