Friday, December 23, 2005

Every little helps - me ****

Tonight I went to Tesco in Mahon Point to get a few things - milk, fruit, nappies - nothing special, no "must-have" toy, no seasonal goods; just normal everyday products. Guess what ? Tesco didn't have any size 5+ nappies in stock ! None at all. I wasn't looking for eco-friendly hand-woven size 5+. I wasn't looking for VanHistelroyers Finest Diaper. No, I was looking for bog-standard Pampers.Now nappies aren't perishable. Tesco can still sell nappies after Christmas at the same price - they're not like Christmas puddings or brandy butter. But can one of the largest retailers in the world have one of the most staple of staple goods in stock ? No. Why ? Maybe its because Tesco Ireland's management seem to be unable to manage themselves out of a wet paper bag. They don't respond to queries, complaints or even fulfill their legal obligation to respond to requests made under the Data Protection Act. So I legged it to Dunnes . Dunnes had nappies. Where Tesco had gaping empty shelves, Dunnes had people stacking shelves. Where Tesco had yet again their non-existent managers Dunnes had managers walking the floor able to answer queries. The difference - maybe Dunnes have managed to grasp that if you don't keep the basics in stock people won't shop with you or maybe it's that Tesco are an arrogant British company which couldn't give a fiddlers.

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